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  1. Baz Deas Baz Deas

    I've been tinkering with the idea of making an app with similar functionality to Geckboard but with more emphasis on the beauty of information, and delighting users—to use Apple's now somewhat trite buzzword. You can choose any color you want to personalize your analytics, then watch the UI adapt to it.

    I'm playing around with animating it at the moment, so should have something funky to show soon!

    Monochromatic color schemes can be pretty sexy, don't you think?

    Take a look at the attachment for a better view.

    I designed it in Sketch, a pretty slick minimal app for UI design. The advantages over photoshop?

    5 months ago

  2. Travis Libby Travis Libby

    Looking slick. Which typeface are you using? Whatever it is, its nice.


    5 months ago

  3. Baz Deas Baz Deas

    Thanks! It's Roboto. A nice Google Web Font.

    5 months ago

  4. Michael Scott Michael Scott

    Loving the development of this mate!


    5 months ago

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