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  1. Hrvoje Grubisic Hrvoje Grubisic

    We are currently working on a startup in only 24hours.

    At exactly 12:00pm we, a group of innovative adventurers from iSTUDIO, started our 24 hour journey in which we will try to develop a project from scratch. After a short briefing, we sat in our positions, switched our creative mode on and begun quick brainstorming about potential features for our future project. Our goal is a bold one, but a simple one. We want to prove that everybody has an opportunity to make their ideas real. All you need is a motivation, devotion and, of course, a team.

    After 8 hours, we have a name – it’s hivepeek!
    Hivepeek will introduce a ranking system called hive score. It will feature the top companies and employees and enable a perfect match between the two (called a “peek”) based on skills, preferences and hive score. Hivepeek end goal? Building happy workhives.
    Be sure to check out soon on www.hivepeek.com/

    Read more about Startupin24h project on our blog: http://blog.startupin24h.com/

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    5 months ago

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