iOS Templates - Gold iPhone 5s

Hey Guys,

I'm pleased to announce! Beautiful high quality photographs great for showing off your beautiful high quality app screenshots!

I photographed a lot of iPhones and iPads for the SignNow app and it was a lot of fun and really helped make the screenshots pop. So I've started to shoot my own series and today I'm proud to announce my first set!

These are super-highresolution 3k photographs all ready to go with smart objects. Just double click and replace the screenshot with your own and you'll have a beautiful photo of your app you can use for any marketing material!

I'm selling this set of 5 templates for only 5 bucks on @Drew Wilson's awesome Spacebox. Please check it out, and I hope you like em!

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Posted on Nov 8, 2013
David Keegan
I blend art and technology

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