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Some times ago we have created this Photoshop plugin - (It's a plugin that lets you turn layers into files quickly)

We wanted to improve it and these are some first designs I created!

New Features-

Custom canvas
You can define a custom canvas size for each exported image. So you can add invisible pixels if you need them

Export separately
You can export images to more files at once

Preview feed
You don't have to jump into finder to access exported assets. All your assets are going to be in a preview panel. You can sort and find your images too. And you can get all the important data from there - dimensions, name, path... All assets you exported for the first time are going to be there next time when you open same PSD file

Copy&Paste to code
Getting images into code will be super easy. Once you export and image we generate html code and embed the image into it. It is not only html but also css or obj-c, or you can write your own templates To get a better idea how this work click here -

Here is a full screen of the new enigma -

What do you think guys? :)


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