Plug Beta 0.9

Plug Beta 0.9

So this one was a while coming. Alex and I have worked on this in our spare time and it's publicly available. Grab the latest beta .dmg from here.

I've used Hype Machine more in the last 3 years than Rdio, Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes because there's a lot of great remixes on there, and people are great at submitting the latest songs. It's a good modern radio.

At the moment the app has a few core sections: Popular, Favorites, Latest and Search. There's been design work into exploring Hypem's sections like Feeds, Friends, Blogs, Genre, etc - everything you've seen on their iOS app. So there are plans there, it's just a case of time permitting in between our lives and careers. We'll build on it.

Here you can see the design changes over time. The third one along is where we had chats with Hype about turning it official, but we're keeping it separate and testing the waters first.

The initial feedback we've seen in the last day are people really want Feed and Blogs in there, so we'll work on getting those in. We've had some other designers and Hypem users pitching in with great ideas for enhancements as well, which we really appreciate.

We hope you find it useful and if you have any feedback, tweet @plugformac, myself or Alex!

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