My Metro Manila


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  1. Reg Silva Reg Silva

    In progress map of Metro Manila (Philippines)-- using traditional media (gouache and colored pencil) instead of my usual vector work :)

    6 months ago

  2. Roy Soetantio ッ Roy Soetantio ッ

    This is interesting, would love to see the real pixels of this artwork ! and welcome aboard Reg !


    6 months ago

  3. Sergey Vlastjuk Sergey Vlastjuk


    6 months ago

  4. Lionel Dey Lionel Dey

    Hey nice first shot! Welcome :)

    6 months ago

  5. Gavin McNamee Gavin McNamee

    Very nice, welcome to the game!!

    6 months ago


    jeepney :D

    6 months ago

  7. Lisa M. Dalton Lisa M. Dalton

    Nice first shot. Would love to see the full piece.

    6 months ago

  8. Reg Silva Reg Silva

    Everyone's so nice on Dribbble! :) Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it! :) I'll figure out how to show the finished piece here (sorry, total rookie)!

    6 months ago

  9. Paul J. Bartlett Paul J. Bartlett

    Looks good.

    6 months ago

  10. Irenchik Irenchik

    Welcome to dribbble!

    6 months ago

  11. 5 months ago

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