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  1. Bill Labus Bill Labus

    Working on an updated sign up/login page for our web app, and need some opinions. I've come up with two designs (see attached image).

    In my opinion the green is more impactful as well as visually cohesive, however the white(ish) version allows for the standard Facebook blue button (more recognizable?) and is more visually neutral (good or bad?).

    So, green or white? Cast your vote!

    5 months ago

  2. Eli Schiff Eli Schiff

    Green is much more unique, though I'd brighten the form text so that it's more legible. Nice work!

    5 months ago

  3. Prathyush Prathyush

    Great to see that classy skeuomorphism isn't dead quite yet. I love this.


    5 months ago

  4. Matt Mischuk Matt Mischuk

    @Prathyush What is skeuomorphic about this design?

    5 months ago

  5. Bill Labus Bill Labus

    @Prathyush I've followed a lot of trends but I've decided I'm just going to skip this one and be ahead of the curve when everything swings back around. :)


    5 months ago

  6. Ali Akbar Ali Akbar

    Awesome, love it!

    5 months ago

  7. Aleksandar Djuric Aleksandar Djuric

    Well yeah, green is more impactful when it stands next to the white one, however if users see only one solution for example the white solutions, I'm pretty sure they will navigate through login process without any issues.

    Have you try maybe implementing FB's blue button in the green base? Or that's not working at all? You can maybe add the blue button there, that would probably provide some contrast as well. It's just a suggestion.

    I'm a fan of both versions to be honest, and although the green kinda stands out more, I think white will be more useful in this case. I'd go with a white one, but both are really neat solutions.

    5 months ago

  8. Ted Goas Ted Goas

    I agree with @Eli Schiff in that the green looks more unique. Though the green Facebook button looks a little off.

    Without seeing the rest of the app, I'd say you can't go wrong with either of these. Both are solid designs in their own right.

    5 months ago

  9. Shaun Moynihan Shaun Moynihan

    Nice and simple.

    5 months ago

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