(Re)brand thoughts...


So...I'm thinking of going two routes for the (re)branding.

Option 1 - Left
This is my current logo. I'm thinking of just using an umbrella site that pretty much sums me up and what I do (personally & professionally) and then simply directs users to the different websites with my work (which I currently have set up), be it lettering, ambigrams, 'traditional' design work, etc.

Option 2 - Right (just a 2 second digital mockup..obviously the idea will be explored thoroughly once I establish a direction)
Rebrand myself completely using this concept. NP /...everything. And consequently, have the full series of websites that utilize the NP/ nomenclature. NP/design, NP/lettering, NP/...everything! Also could work well when it comes to personal aspects of my life: NP/chef, NP/skydiver, NP/skier, etc...


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