Dolphin slaughter drawing

My friend Yushi told me a story from when he was a little boy. He read a children's story book his parents had given him about the big dolphin slaughter in Japan 1978. The book was made to prevent the history to repeat itself.

He cried a whole day after reading the book, and his parents asked him if he hurt himself from falling or something.

Why are dolphins still getting slaughtered? They are big and they eat fish. Japan relies on the fish industry and some uneducated fishermen think that they can sell more fish if they kill them off. Some fishermen even sell them as wale meat, which leads to mercury poisoning and death among us humans. It's ironic how karma works sometimes.

Dolphins are one of the most amazing creatures on earth and we need them alive. I don't want humans to disappear but sometimes I wonder if it's not for the better. We must eliminate greed to be able to solve these issues, and as long as people have to choose between doing bad things or go hungry they will kill keep killing dolphins.

Anyways, I LOVE japanese culture and it's by far my favorite! It's just too bad this little country managed to destroy the planet (our only planet) twice. I guess we get what we deserve in the end. But until then, let's smile and make each other and ourselves happy!

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