Cucicù - Early childhood store

Cucicu dribble

Starting from a careful lecture of a product/service offered by the client and after having analized its competition offer we have individuated the following necessities:
• a want to differ from the others, a need of originality and own identity. Namings of shops with articles for babies/kids are similar one to another and, what is more, they call client's attention more to famous brands they sell than to own personality;
• a need for a warm and emotional naming which leads the target to identify himself with the brand on an emotional level;
• to avoid limiting target just to the femine part of clients (mums) but to extend it also as to a male part of clients (fathers) as to other potential buyers of gifts related to the world of childhood (birthday gifts, christening gifts, anniversary presents etc.)

Naming proposal:
Concept "Cossets and cuddles"
The naming Cucicu for its vowel rhyme and its emotional connotation brings us directly to the baby's world. In a half way between a game and cuddles, between cossets and babbles, ispires liking and tenderness.

Complete project on Behance:

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