Their Story timeline concept

Their Story timeline concept

This is a concept for a wedding photographer that I had. The photographer writes really detailed accounts of the day which turn in to relatively long blog posts and then proceeds to post about 20+ photographs with the blog post. These blog posts serve two purposes.

First, they work as the most recent work for potential clients to see outside of his portfolio pieces. This allows him to show that he is as good as his "best pictures" in a number of environments.

Second, It allows him to deliver a decent collection of images to the client to browse and share while they wait on their entire catalog of images to be finished (6-8 weeks later).

My idea was to present a few of those photos as a timeline that are listed along side of the actual blog post. This way the photographer can add a couple of photos that will coincide with the story to visually supplement the post and help lead readers towards the bottom of the post which will have a large amount of images that they can simply scroll through.

Looking for thoughts and opinions on this approach of aligning images with a story in a timeline type of style. Does it feel disjointed? Does it feel too cluttered?

Remember, this is a photographer so pictures are always going to be the focus on presentation.

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