Brand identity for Empire Coffee

Empire Coffee was an already well positioned coffee brand from Doha, Qatar. But they didn't have a strong and recognisable brand identity that could express its true personality.  That’s when they reached out to us, and after we accepted the challenge, we began with an extensive research about their customers' archetypes, their former brand, the vision of their business founders and the Qatari culture.

After that research we conclude that Empire had to be a bold and original brand with a creative and artistic touch, always allowing their clients to express themselves through the brand and to connect with it. We also deduce that the minimalist approach that already had, had to remain but we level up its aesthetics in order to match it with the quality of their products. 

But most important of all, it had to manifest their Qatari essence and to show why the “Empire” naming it’s not in vain, that’s why we made all the branding elements with the Qatari culture in mind, having the coffee transportation dhow as the most recognisable element.

We developed all the new branding elements including their tone and voice. 
We also design all types of packaging, product graphics, merchandising, store signs, social media illustrations and much more.
Currently they have different industrially produced products designed by us like their ceramic coffee cups, and we are developing more, like ceramic filters and other plastic injected products.

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