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  1. Pierre-Alain Pierre-Alain

    Thk you @Sylvain Plantier !
    Proud to be here !

    Full size available here : http://www.piquelesyeux.com/la-venus

    6 months ago

  2. Jake Fleming Jake Fleming

    sweet tits d00d!

    6 months ago

  3. Dylan Opet Dylan Opet

    Love this!! Welcome to Dribbble! Looking forward to seeing your other work.

    6 months ago

  4. Steve Fraschini Steve Fraschini

    Beaucoup de style dans ton illus, hâte d'en voir plus. Bienvenue Pierre-Alain ;)

    6 months ago

  5. Skirmantas Raila° Skirmantas Raila°

    Great work!

    6 months ago

  6. Lionel Dey Lionel Dey

    Hey nice first shot! Welcome :)

    6 months ago

  7. Sergey Vlastjuk Sergey Vlastjuk


    6 months ago

  8. Jason Thornton Jason Thornton

    The translated text has me cracking up. Nice illustration!

    6 months ago

  9. Sylvain Plantier Sylvain Plantier

    you're welcome ! great one !

    6 months ago

  10. Paul Dunbar Paul Dunbar

    Really nice, welcome the game!

    6 months ago

  11. Andrew Willoughby Andrew Willoughby


    6 months ago

  12. Josh Whitehead Josh Whitehead

    Really nice shot! Welcome to dribbble :)

    6 months ago

  13. Nora Calabrese Nora Calabrese

    I love the style!

    5 months ago

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