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Logo in the works

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Logo in the works

Hi everyone!
It's been long (too long actually) since I post something worth sharing. So here is the big news:

I quit my job a couple months ago.
The months go by and the once challenging and fulfilling job you had is no more, and with less and less time to work on side projects, I realized quitting was the best way out.
I took 2 months away from the computer, and now I'm back at it!


I'm now working on some fun ideas, but first, getting a cool new 'face' to showcase those ideas is important - So, above is the first draft of my new logo (website/portfolio coming soon...).
The idea is simple:
Type oriented; "Sco" stands for Samuel Couto; The "CO" also goes back to the good old crafting spirit of industrial companies, but never forgetting handmade quality.
High quality pixel crafting ;)
Simple and straightforward.
video process:
Quick .GIF

Also, I'm currently balancing a few options: Going full-time freelance and/or relocate to London for a few years. I'm open to new challenges - Do you know any interesting opportunities? Need a partner on your new project? Do you know any badass studio working on great products?
Please get back to me.


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