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Update: I should have given more context and specified what the logo was for. I am redesigning Olamhabah.com which is a website, dedicated to providing those who have loved and lost with means to pay tribute to their friends and families.

'Sup guys. Here is something I completed in just a little over 2 hours over the weekend, from concept to finish. Yeah, deadline was THAT tight.

The idea was to communicate the message and the meaning of olamhabah ”The world to come” in a single mark.

The enclosing shape is an O which is the first character in the name and it also acts as a window that shows a sunrise over green hills symbolizing “The world to come“. A window into another world.

Client went for the concept with the sun rays.

Please check out the attachment to see a very brief case study.

Feedback much appreciated.

Also, we can be Twitter buddies of you like.

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