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Twitter is probably one of the most used services for me. Tweetbot has typically been my goto client. In v3, I'm still finding it really UI-centric. iOS 7's guiding philosophy is to start shifting towards a completely content-centric UI. I've aimed towards that.

Alignment was probably the first thing I attended to, restructuring the UI elements in a stricter frame (check out the main-grid attachment).

The next step was to reduce the visual noise caused by some of the harder design choices (like the selected tweet).

This was followed by a more consistent application of color to the various tappable areas.

Lastly, aesthetic changes were made; some to suit my own tastes, and others to provide a softer, more unified look to the various elements within the UI. The images show the smallest possible font, and could be made larger (I just like tiny little fonts).

I'm not trying to "correct" Tweetbot v3, and I just wanted to create an exercise that could hone my talents.

The main attachment shows the unabashed screen as it would look on your device.

You can find more info on Tweetbot here:

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