Way Out - The book

Way Out - The book

When I first started this book, I asked myself a question: "What do you love?" You need to ask yourself that. I did, and discovered something. I like the being constantly inspired by discovery and sensing that I'm always doing something worthwhile. I need to know that what’s achieved by my actions excites and thrills me, every single day.

Unfortunately, due to my tech centric passions, as many of us, I found myself suffering from information over-consumption. My passions and work had taken over my life. Technology was no longer a tool, but a taskmaster.

For this reason I felt the urge to question how I worked and which digital behaviors were destructive for my creative process.

This ebook will teach you what I learnt and how to reconsider your work.
Coming soon > http://www.tommasonervegna.com/the-book/

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