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Rapid Prototyping - See Attachment

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As a UI designer, my daily work consists of a lot of sketches and transforming these sketches into prototypes through lots of steps.

What if..
we can just scan the rough paper sketch,
quickly transform it into the design frames, artboard, or screens,
instantly apply design system library,
then generate a prototype that already included with basics mobile interaction.

Please check out video attachments for the concept.

I’m sure we're going to iterate more ideas a lot faster, skipping all the tedious process.
Not that I hate the process. I love it, But most of the time we postponed executing ideas because of these long process.
I personally think we need to validate multiple ideas faster rather than spending time aligning pixels of one idea.

The entire prototypes (3 Apps Design: Wireframe scanner, Desktop Design App, Swipe UI Prototype on Mobile App) are made with ProtoPie


Links to ProtoPie Cloud:

Wireframe scanner app concept

Desktop Design App concept

Swipe Interaction Mobile App

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