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  1. Andy Jörder /// nd80 Andy Jörder /// nd80

    There is a new mixtape coming on RDO80 and here is a preview of the cover. It features a photo taken out in the woods, some triangles and a geometric font - the tape will be a soundtrack for cosy starts into a day in autumn - I love this time of the year...

    Here is the mixtape: http://www.nd80.de/mixtape/rdo80-leaving-leafs-2013_08

    6 months ago

  2. Seeger Mattijs Seeger Mattijs

    Nice one!


    6 months ago

  3. 6 months ago

  4. Andy Jörder /// nd80 Andy Jörder /// nd80

    @Seeger Mattijs Thanks Mister

    6 months ago

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