The Gum Man

Screen shot 2013 10 27 at 10.57.43 pm

In honor of Halloween being this week. I'd like to share a character from my past. My own personal Freddy Krueger. This monster plagued my dreams on a weekly basis. His illustration was simple, but facing him again after all this time, was mentally daunting. He was little more than a pink version of the "Neighborhood Watch Silhouette". But to the 6 year old me, this was evil incarnate. He would stretch his arms through broken down hallways, stealing my friends and family from my side. He never spoke. He had no face. He played an eternal game of hide and seek. Popping out of any corridor. He was everywhere. Then suddenly, the dreams stopped. No closure. No conclusion. I've not seen him in years, but I know he's still out there. Still waiting, still The Gum Man. Happy Halloween friends.

Full Illustration here:

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