BrainExcell Logo & Product Packaging Design by The Logo Smith

Client: BrainExcell
Designed: 2017

Logo & Brand Identity Design plus product packaging, and bottle label design for BrainExcell, a nootropics supplement.

At the time of designing the BrainExcell logo and labels, the bottles had yet to be produced, so there were no actual physical bottles from which to use for staged photoshoots.

The only real option was to create realistic looking versions in order to be able to start the BrainExcell marketing and promotional campaigns.

BrainExcell is a premium Nootropic supplement, and as such the logo and brand design needed to convey a high quality product, and therefore tempt potential buyers to pay a premium price.

It was the label design, and specifically the typography that I'm most pleased with, given the challenge of how much information there was to include for the ingredients.

We were at the absolute smallest point size that the bottle manufacturers could guarantee text would remain legible (as we were printing ink direct onto bottle).

Finding the right condensed typeface was crucial, as well as ensuring the overall layout was perfect, to make it still look attractive, and not an afterthought.

→ Case Study & Project Page: BrainExcell


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