Suppliers KPI Dashboard - Work in Progress.

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Here's presenting you my recently finished one of the dashboard i.e Suppliers KPI Dashboard of the many dashboards yet to come. The project started with initial information Architecture and then I had to play role of Business Analyst plus User Experience expert gathering requirements, knowing the procurement process, understanding types of users, their persona, their roles and finally tying all the elements into wireframes and UI. In order to understand overall scope, 4 sprints took place with the clients where in I also dug into details to understand Breadth and Depth of the Data.

The dashboard gives true picture of supplier's performance in Procurement process ->

A Typical Procurement Process Looks like this.

PR placement – PR approval – RFQ creation – RFQ approval – Quotation receiving - Quotation approval – PO creation – PO approval - Advanced payment made - Goods/Services receiving (Avg cycle)

The current dashboard helps understand performance of suppliers in above said process. First level metrics shows Average Delivery Time, Defect Rate, Response Rate and Warranty response rate.

Second level shows Saving summary from Promotion and Discounts. It also show some financial KPIs with respect to Buyers and Seller. For example, Budget vs Spending. The budget vs Spending sections can be viewed monthly or annually. Finally, Wallet Summary, Accounting Summary and Product on Promotions gives 3rd level metrics.

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This is still work in progress dashboard and incase you have any feedback, please feel free to share it.

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