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  1. Vasjen Katro Vasjen Katro

    Since this is my Favorite genre, here is the filter result for electronic music, the app colors change according to the music genre. let me know what you think and don't forget to see the real pixels.

    Follow me on Twitter: @vasjenkatro

    EDIT: sorry i have misspelled "HAWTIN"

    6 months ago

  2. Josh Crowder Josh Crowder

    Very nice, I love the cards!

    My favourite genre as well! Have a listen to my soundcloud channel

    6 months ago

  3. Benoît Philibert Benoît Philibert

    Awesome idea!

    6 months ago

  4. Piper Lawson Piper Lawson

    This is lovely!

    6 months ago

  5. Emrah Demirag Emrah Demirag

    multi-institutional study. congratulations.

    6 months ago

  6. Jona Jona

    Great work! I'd consider making the nav bar less tall (ideally default height) though, feels a little unfamiliar right now and I don't see any reason not to adapt the system standard ;)


    6 months ago

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