Soundfren App Mockup

One day I was idly looking at the job search section on my Linkedin page. There is one startup that caught my attention. They are looking for a UI / UX Designer. The startup has the concept of music and social media becoming one with the aim of being a platform to promote the work of local musicians or find personnel for their band. I also tried to install their application. First impression ... What the heck? For some reason, in my personal opinion, it looks a bit messy, too many features are forced so that it forces the designer too to do a lot of patchworks.
Initially, I felt itchy to try to fix it. But after researching more deeply into the application, it feels so lazy to try to fix it. I imagine what if the culture as I imagined, there were too many interventions to pursue trends and revenue so that the designer did not have much time to do research.
But, for some reason after doing these reflections, it feels increasingly itchy to fix it. So I made it like this.
For appearance, it does seem like Instagram. But believe me, such designs are reliable enough to deal with changes very quickly. And also from the user side, there will not be much effort to adapt to views like this.
Weaknesses of this display (for now) I think only one, it will be very difficult if there is an intervention that wants all the features displayed on the main page. However cleverly the designer arranges, surely someday will meet chaos on the main page.

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