And the winners are...


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  1. Sticker Mule Sticker Mule

    Once again, we were super impressed with the October-inspired rebounds, and want to thank everyone who participated. Here are the grand prize winners:

    Top 5 most liked:

    1. by Abby Peters
    2. by Griffin Van Dyke
    3. by Jake Dugard
    4. by John Choura Jr.
    5. by Zach Graham

    Hand picked by Sticker Mule:

    1. by Stu Crew
    2. by Travis Arnold
    3. by cliff
    4. by Tamas Moroz
    5. by John Morris

    As promised, we're hooking up EVERYONE who participated with $25 store credit. We'll notify everyone shortly with instructions on how to claim their winnings.


    6 months ago

  2. John Choura Jr. John Choura Jr.

    I'm going to be selling a version of what I did for this contest. Just need to have people vote for their favorite.

    Vote for a sticker.

    6 months ago

  3. Ericson Luciano Ericson Luciano

    Congrats for the winners *Cheers*

    6 months ago

  4. Susanna Baird Susanna Baird

    Hey there - wanted to let you know we used your shot in this week's Replay. Thanks for posting!

    6 months ago

  5. Sticker Mule Sticker Mule

    @Susanna Baird awesome thanks!

    6 months ago

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