Soundcloud player [animated]

I like to listen to DJ sets when I’m working and use Soundcloud a lot. I always search randomly for deep house mix, minimal mix etc. But what I also do a lot is using the command CMD+W to close tabs in my browser. As you can expect (being an old NES player) I tap that command to fast in a row which also closes tabs I don’t want to close, like Soundcloud.

This annoyingly kills my music and great frustrations occur… Anyway, it’s a small music player which sits on your OSX top bar and gives you random search results based on your queries. That’s the concept. Buuuut, I’m also keen on learning AE for animations and what not. So for me, this was the perfect match to go wild and try out some new things. I learned a lot on how to animate a UI, and it’s fun :)

I’ve added the PSD and AE file for you guys to check out and play around with. Let me know what you think and show me what you guys can do with it.

Download PSD file and AE file - In PS, enable Layer comps to switch between states. Also, be warned, the AE file is messy…

Vid of animation

Posted on Oct 21, 2013
Kevin Anderson
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