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  1. Jane (Backes) Gleissner Jane (Backes) Gleissner

    Updating my resume since it's been some time since I did so; I'm sort of in charge of all the deisgn in my current position, but I don't have a lot of authority so I'm not sure I describe that situation properly; feedback would be greatly appreciated on all aspects of the piece

    6 months ago

  2. Leanne Kawahigashi Leanne Kawahigashi

    Awesome work! I'm not a hge fan of that thick black line in the beginning and end. I feel it may to heavy and takes away from the whimsical feel of the rest. It looks great!


    6 months ago

  3. Jane (Backes) Gleissner Jane (Backes) Gleissner

    @Leanne Kawahigashi wan't sure I should post contact info here so that is what is blacked out :) thanks for looking and the feedback!

    6 months ago

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