Vintage Barrel: 5th Anniversary Coasters

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  1. Barrel Barrel

    Kicking off our dribbble collection with an oldie-but-goodie. Read more about this and other past internal projects here:

    6 months ago

  2. Ela Ganor Ela Ganor

    Nice!! Welcome to Dribbble!

    6 months ago

  3. Kirk Castro Kirk Castro

    Your stuff is awesome! Welcome to Dribbble!

    6 months ago

  4. Kristian Grljevic Kristian Grljevic

    You had me at vintage! Welcome aboard sailor!

    6 months ago

  5. David Grimes David Grimes

    Very sweet! Keep em coming!

    6 months ago

  6. Concreate Studio Concreate Studio


    6 months ago

  7. Alex Pronsky Alex Pronsky

    Love it

    6 months ago

  8. Alexander Stotskii Alexander Stotskii

    welcome to dribbble!

    6 months ago

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