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I'm so happy that ProtoPie launched its 5.0 version. It's super powerful and it has become my most commonly used prototyping tool these days! It has helped me a lot over the past few months, and I just want to thank the ProtoPie team for building such a great tool.

Today I'm very excited to share you with the pie file for you to play around and learn ProtoPie. Don't forget to press 'L' to support. 🥰

Card details - Banking app https://cloud.protopie.io/p/f737a92792

Music Player - Vinyls https://cloud.protopie.io/p/f250ac7b00

Calendar Animation https://cloud.protopie.io/p/66342d936a

Audiobook App Design https://cloud.protopie.io/p/bf7d35b81c

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