Startup Weekend Brest Logo

Hello , here I am presenting you a big project that I put under study.

The promotional organizing Startup Weekend ( international event that takes place around the world ) which it held in Brest January 18, 2014 so that says promoting says Poster, Flyers , Logo , Teaser , so with my colleagues over there working together on this project .

Startup Weekend is a gathering of entrepreneur, professional and amateur graphic designer, coder, project leaders , ect ... The goal is to create a startup ( specific project as an application, a website , a revolutionary idea ) in 54H so that hard a full weekend so we will NOT SLEEP with redbull ( sponsor ) and coffee. (A Facebook basis was a Startup )

Anyway here I present the start of promotion with logo rework maturely with the organizers. I'll post as far advanced and the project with the poster , flyers, ect ...
(google translate :p)

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