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After few month of hard work we published our secret project on Kickstarter.

TapTap wristband: a new way to say "I Love You"
TapTap connects you and your beloved one as if you never left each other. It is a way to say the most important thing to the most important person. Your beloved is the only one who will feel that you touched your wristband. No matter how far away you are from each other, it feels like you just touched his hand. Two TapTap wristbands are connected only to each other, same as you two are.

My job was designing iPhone and Android app for TapTap wristband.
The TapTap App works with your device - It turns it on and off, switches LED's indication on/off (if you want even more intimacy, TapTap will react only with a vibration) and notify you when TapTap needs to be recharged. The app also has its own cool interface to send and receive taps directly from the phone, which looks like if your partner touched the screen from the inside.

If you love idea of TapTap or you want to get your own pair of wristbands go support us on Kickstarter

Built with Woodenshark team


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