Freeshot App Official Launch!

Freeshot App Official Launch!

The freeshot app has been in the app store for over a week now but I've been a bit busy so I didn't have much time to spread the word.

I've had some great feedback so far and would love to hear more.

Please note that the app is limited to the functionality available by the dribbble api which is still in beta. So no, it's not possible to like a shot, follow a player or post comments. These features will be added when dribbble makes them available through their api.

Regardless freeshot is great to get some quick inspiration when you're away from your desk.

I plan to add the following features in upcoming versions:

- Better Navigation
- GIF Support
- Themes

The app is available for free in the app store.

Check out the landing page.

Your support is truly appreciated so please like, follow and share :)

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