The Sazerac -Block Print

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  1. Derrick Castle Derrick Castle

    This is an original block print of "The Sazerac", the official cocktail of New Orleans. Some believe the Sazerac to be the oldest known American cocktail, its origins date back to pre–Civil War New Orleans.

    Each print measures 8.5x11 inches. Printed on Speckletone French cover stock with custom mixed water base block inks. Frame not included.

    You can check it out at my etsy shop!

    6 months ago

  2. Dino Henderson Dino Henderson

    nice work.

    6 months ago

  3. Chelsey Tatum Chelsey Tatum

    Love me some sazerac. nice print ;)

    6 months ago

  4. Caleb Fenske Caleb Fenske

    the print turned out great!

    6 months ago

  5. Joe Montefusco Joe Montefusco


    6 months ago

  6. Ryan Colgin Ryan Colgin

    Nice work, Derrick!

    6 months ago

  7. Scott Wilhelm Scott Wilhelm

    just had my first Sazerac last night at a southern 40's themed restaurant up in Washington state. After seeing this piece I was intrigued. Your design is just as delicious as the drink.

    6 months ago

  8. Derrick Castle Derrick Castle

    @Scott Wilhelm Oh yeah! Dude, I love that you gave the Sazerac a try after seeing the print! Love it! The Sazerac is a stiff manly drink, glad you enjoyed it! One of my favs!

    6 months ago

  9. Mihai molnar Mihai molnar

    Great illustration!

    6 months ago

  10. Zac Lux Zac Lux

    Your work is really good, man.

    5 months ago

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