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[Freebie] iOS7 Gentle Blur Wallpapers

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[Freebie] iOS7 Gentle Blur Wallpapers app ios 7 iphone backgrounds blur gentle iphone 5s parallax wallpaper

I've been finding that choosing wallpapers for iOS 7 can really make or break the look of the OS as a whole. Wallpapers that are in sharp focus tend to bother me because they overload my eyes with detail, and wallpapers that are extremely blurred disappoint me because the parallax effect is essentially lost!

What I've found is that slightly blurred wallpapers look just right, achieving an illusion that you're holding a window into a 3D world. Your eyes are focusing on the icons in the foreground, and the background is just slightly blurred due to the shallow depth of field (with subtle parallax).

Here are 5 samples that I've found work pretty well, feel free to grab them!

iPhone template from: @pixeden

iOS 7 Lockscreen template from: @Nicolas Bussière

And if you make any cool backgrounds with this style, feel free to share them with me :)

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