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t's time for coffee in my feed☕
in 2016, we got to know the coffeemolka_shymkent (it means coffee grinder in Russian🙂) and we worked on the design of the table tenses. That's how our long love began, me and the coffeemolka_shymkent. Over the years, we (I say we, as I consider myself an integral part of this team) have completely rebuilt the brand:🧚‍♀️by renewing the logo, rebranding and realizing that we can't stop there!
😍we have built a completely new product, working out a visual concept from packaging to menu, 🍽expanded the area and created a cozy interior, which became a cherry on our cake, for the 10th anniversary of the coffee house. This is just a small part, one favorite project, from this post I will start telling this story.

Logotype for a coffeeshop, Shymkent, Kazakhstan.
Art Direction, logotype creation, branding, interior&architecture

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