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Hi guys,

So, I had some time today to rework the 'Discovery' function of Spotify...more in line with where I think it could go...maybe a little more integrated than currently.

First off, I've included a 'Now Playing' function at the bottom. Pretty simple and not too different what is already available. My version will have a simple progress bar at the top of the panel to illustrate how far through the track you are.

Onto Discovery, the user would be able to view multiple 'recommendations, which can be filtered by Album / Artist / Song / Recommendation. This filter would be accessed via a left swipe on the main screen. This will then disappear once your new filtered choice has been made.

A single tap will take you direct to the album, where you can play the album. A long-press on the album will take you to a slightly more detailed screen, where you can choose to visit either the album, or the artist' page for viewing other music they have to offer.

Finally, the user can 'preview' a track from the album (as Spotify currently has this) by holding down the preview button in the centre of the cover.

Would love your thoughts on this...I *think* I've worked out the kinks in the flow but, knowing me, I've missed a few things.

@2x for the larger thumb, or full pixels are provided too. I've also included a concept for the filter view, but I'm not 100% convinced on this, so didnt put it into the shot thumb.

Thanks for looking, and a BIG thanks to @Daniel Vernon for loads of constructive feedback today.

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