Josiah DePaoli

#ArmchairImagineering: Mount Mystery Land Entrance

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A “Mount Mystery” land entrance design for Rob Yeo's Armchair Imagineering Challenge #3.

Mounty Mystery is a theme park land with shops, restaurants, and attractions that all harness the unique and mysterious effects of the mountain in different ways.

The entrance functions as a visual berm, obscuring the reveal of the large mountain and its surroundings until guests walk into the land. The entrance tunnel features lit lettering (with a little type inspiration from Islands of Adventure’s Port of Entry), jumping fountains, and a solitary blinking light. The light helps communicate that there a human presence interacting with the strange organic occurrences of the land. Is this a warning? A scientific instrument? A monitoring station? We’ll find out more when we get inside the land. Another mysterious touch is a shallow dome inside the tunnel filled with strange and unfamiliar fiber optic constellations. As they emerge from the short tunnel, guests cross a bridge and choose the next step of their adventure in Mount Mystery.

To Rob’s bonus challenge: for a scent in the area thinking jasmine, perhaps with some orange mixed in. This has guests smelling something mysterious and garden-like to contrast the heavy stone entry and pair with the mysterious kinetics of the entry.

Thanks for checking this out and thanks again for the fun idea Rob!

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