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  1. Christain Billings Christain Billings

    I have been searching for a way to transform the current heavy Grades 3 UI into a lighter interface that fits nicely with iOS 7. I think this first attempt works nicely while preserving the overall feel of Grades.

    I wrote a blog post about creating a balance between iOS 6 and iOS 7 here: http://tapity.com/ios-6-vs-ios-7-is-there-a-balance/

    Also, check out the attachment.

    6 months ago

  2. James Finley James Finley

    Bingo! Texture can very much work in iOS 7 (ignoring the Notes app and it's sucky suckage). I like what you've done with this. :)

    6 months ago

  3. Steve O'Connor Steve O'Connor

    I'm working on revamping an app with exactly this thought process in mind right now and you seem to have come to the same conclusion as I have with regards finding a balance. I certainly don't want to slavishly go full iOS7.

    Nice job.

    6 months ago

  4. Hugo Kessler Hugo Kessler

    It's hard to judge without using it. It looks nice, but the wood could look out of place. On the other hand, it could look like the subtle paper texture Apple is using in Reminders and Notes, which looks nice. I can't wait to try it out. One thing: I think the clock hands should be centered in the middle of the circle.

    6 months ago

  5. Julien Martin Julien Martin

    Gotham Rounded looks quite nice! I'd probably add a few more points to the font sizes though, especially on back, edit and cells labels. Along with 2px strokes on both icons and buttons (instead of 1px buttons and 3px clock glyph).

    Great job Christain! :)


    6 months ago

  6. Christain Billings Christain Billings

    @James Finley @Steve O'Connor @Hugo Kessler @Julien Martin thanks for all the feedback guys!! I will continue to iterate on this not so easy task :)

    6 months ago

  7. Bill Labus Bill Labus

    Love that you kept the texture. Are you using the new 'Mac' antialiasing mode in CC for the text?

    6 months ago

  8. Christain Billings Christain Billings

    @Bill Labus thanks! I haven't used the Mac antialiasing mode. I believe when I made this it was using 'Sharp'

    6 months ago

  9. Aby Nimbalkar Aby Nimbalkar

    Looks great! My only feedback would be that since you're using the wood grain texture it'll be great to add a tiny, single-pixel shadow on the title text and tab bar buttons to make them more defined.

    6 months ago

  10. Just for fun. Still really hoping that the visual pendulum between iOS 6 & 7 will swing back in the other direction just a tad... :)

    In any event, great work adapting this UI @Christain Billings

    6 months ago

  11. Christain Billings Christain Billings

    @Aby Nimbalkar I agree. I'll have to play with that. Thanks!

    6 months ago

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