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The Megazoom plugin is a powerful, versatile, easy to use and customize image navigator for displaying large images prepared for showcasing products (high resolution product images, e.g. clothes, cars, technical schemes etc), displaying maps, and any other images, with its zooming, panning, dragging, navigation controls, scrollbar, zoom buttons,and highly customizable markers.

It has a responsive layout making it perfect for any type of page layout. The Megazoom plugin is mobile optimized running great on iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android and Windows8 mobile devices and of course it works on every modern browser and older browsers like IE7 and IE8. We have tested it on IPAD3 and on a SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 and it runs great on both devices.

The Megazoom plugin can be used in any type of HTML page including Wordpress.

Main features:

* Easy to use and install.
* Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized (Smartphones & Tablets).
* Fast CSS3 & JavaScript engine with fall back on CSS1 for older browsers like IE7 or IE8 (exceptional performance!).
* Responsive layout.
* Three dispay types: responsive, fullscreen and lightbox.
* Support for large image resolution, we have made successful tests with images up to 6000px width and/or height.
* The zoom factor(maximum zoom level) and start/initial zoom factor (initial zoom level) can be specified.
* The animation zoom speed and animation pan speed. can be set.
* Double clik zoom and double clik zoom factor (optional).
* Mouse wheel support on desktop.
* Mouse drag on desktop or touch drag on mobile.
* Gestures event support on mobile, the image can be zoomed with two fingers!.
* Keyboard support (optional).
* Animated preloader, the preloader text can be modified.
* Navigator window (optional).
* Complete control buttons bar with buttons.
* All buttons are optional, the order of buttons can be set as you wish and they can be easily removed if one or more are not needed. Below there is an image illustrating some possible buttons order scenarios.

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