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  1. Marcus Forsberg Marcus Forsberg

    Hello Dribbble!

    Here's a repost from Forrst! :D

    I'm currently hard at work at a new portfolio website for myself, and along side the website I'm designing my first ever business cards to go with it.

    The idea is to keep them simple - I just want people to find my contact information and website. The website will follow the same theme, and the header matches the design of the main side (the one that's all blue).

    In order to add a splash of personality I've used a photo of my favourite shirt in my favourite colour as the background texture.

    Now, while I think they look kinda good for my first time, my print teacher thinks they lack that final touch to make them interesting, and I think he has a point.

    So I come here looking for your honest opinions, ideas and feedback! :)

    Here's the full view:


    The tagline is in Swedish and translates to "Web and mobile developer".

    The awesome mockup template is from here:

    And I'm not an icon artist so the icons are from

    6 months ago

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