Hi Everyone,

Today, I happily present to you one of my latest creations. I've been a FreeNAS user for the past 6 months, it allows anyone to build a NAS (Network Attached Storage) in a very short time by using custom hardware.

Users have two options in order to manage and oversee their NAS setups, one of them is trough the console, which is a text based UI, and allows anyone who is familiarized with the command line to execute certain tasks even faster than in the GUI. The other alternative, which is what most new users most likely will use, is the Web Application, which runs in the browser.

This is where Spear has a word to provide. Spear is my take on a NAS Application, meant to be fast, reliable, and above all, as user-friendly as possible (KISS). Recently Google wrote an article about "A New Breed of Chrome Apps".

This caught my attention as I know the potential of Web Apps, but I can also recognize the power and reliability of common "Desktop" Apps. I can imagine a scenario in which I could run Spear as a Web App from the Desktop, without even opening Google Chrome in order to access my NAS.

Now, what you can see in the previews is the Overview section, where you can have instantaneous access to the most important real-time monitoring from your NAS, with easy to read and aesthetically pleasing graphics.

In terms of structure, I've decided to create a modular design as in my opinion it makes a lot of sense to allow the user to customize and arrange how the information is displayed. This also allows for a more fluid layout where needed, for example, low resolutions.

Real time notifications are also available in the sidebar. Alerts, Cloud Sync, UPS/Battery Status. Navigation is also as intuitive as it can get, with all the main sections covered for easy access, on the fly.

I hope you enjoy this concept as much as I have enjoyed designing it. More to come in the future.

Please make sure you check out @2x preview and the attachments (retina version included).

Batch Icons by @AdamWhitcroft.
Flaticons by @Zach Roszczewski.


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