Personal Branding Concept

Personal Branding Concept

Ok, Dribbbler's... I need some feedback.

Woking on a re-brand for the hardest client I have ever worked for. Myself! It's honestly been so tough trying to come up with something that represents my taste and abilities. I've gone back and forth between hand-lettered signatures & typeface's, and a more minimal and iconic look like what you see here. I narrowed it down to the fact that I want to display the simplicity in good design inside of the "B," and the "T," that make up my initials. I want my own mark to be something that's iconic and clean. I'm leaning towards almost leaving the "T," out altogether. The combination is difficult and yet the possibilities are also endless in terms of monogramming the B and the T together. I would love your feedback not only on this WIP, but on what you guys think about branding your own logo's and marks. Am I the only one who finds it difficult? haha

Thanks, dribbblers!


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