Snailbow Custom-type Process Animation


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  1. Jack Wild Jack Wild

    Process animation for Snailbow custom-type. Haven't done much custom-type before, so it took a while but it's so fun and nice to relax. Pretty happy with the results, comments and feedback more than welcome. :)


    6 months ago

  2. Julien Donck Julien Donck

    To start with I think it is great!

    Couple of comments. I feel the "s" is an f. Could be a bit bigger if its a capital. I also think the the top left part of the a is a bit to fat and finally the stem of the b is a bit to fat if you ask me.

    But great work, really!

    6 months ago

  3. Jack Wild Jack Wild

    @Julien Donck Good comments... I should have asked you earlier, but if I look at the type again then I'll experiment. I prob will come back to it, cos I keep 'moving on' and then ending up going back... but that's how the magic happens :)

    6 months ago

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