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  1. Jan Rajtoral Jan Rajtoral

    .. here's a 1:1 snap of my new WordPress 'coming soon' theme, using it as a landing page for my upcoming responsive design of my (premium) portfolio WP Theme.

    Altho this is 'just' a landing page, I made this fully customizable! You can choose between a Avatar or Image for your (company) logo. You can enable/disable the content blocks easily in the theme options. The blocks are: 3 text blocks (with evt. link button), a 'keep me posted' block (you can edit all texts and works with Feedburner), 1 Photo Block (upload for image + description and link), a miscellaneous block (you can choose between text, photo or video upload), an extra 'latest dribbble shots' block if enabled .. and 2 widgetized areas (I use the Better RSS widget to import my latest posts).

    You can personalize your page to by adding your social accounts, that will be displayed using a selfmade iconfont. And of course, .. it's FULLY responsive .. doooh!

    Should make a color-picker, font-chooser and some other stuff to call it a premium theme .. and start selling the crap out of it ;-P

    7 months ago

  2. Jan Rajtoral Jan Rajtoral

    PS: the site is live, please visit: RAJTORAL.COM

    Hope you'll like it?

    7 months ago

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