The long lost triple f ligature

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  1. Jake Giltsoff Jake Giltsoff

    We’ve been busy compiling an historical compendium of the (imaginary) long lost triple f ligature here at fffunction.

    I spent many an hour re-imagining a set of fff ligatures in Glyphs, and t-shirts + posters are coming soon.

    Here is a sneak peak at the poster printed on 270gsm off-white Colorplan in black ink with silver powder.

    Made with Glyphs, InDesign and a lot of Type nerdery by fffunction.


    7 months ago

  2. Benjamin Hawkyard Benjamin Hawkyard

    I always thought typography was something I'd never get into, but the more I see your work the more it blows my mind.

    Top job.


    7 months ago

  3. Jake Giltsoff Jake Giltsoff

    Cheers @Benjamin Hawkyard, I know a heap of good books if you want to learn some more about Type & Typography :)

    7 months ago

  4. Lukas Kokoska Lukas Kokoska

    just saw the fffunction's year overview and it sounds like you guys have a lot of fun there. Anyway, @Jake Giltsoff if you still remember those books, feel free to catch me on twitter, I am very curious about it! ;)

    6 months ago

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