Hashtag Lettering

I started a new personal project 10 days ago. The goal is to spend 5-15 minutes a day lettering. If I happen to have more time, then awesome. After reading Ryan Hamrick's post "I Wish I Cared Enough to Grow" and Lenny Terenzi's "Practice Makes Perfect?" on Medium.com, I just decided to start to get better at something I am passionate about. If you haven't read these articles do it, they are short and a kick in the pants.

After only 10 days, I am having a blast and I look forward to the small amount of time I carve out for this practice. These are small and mostly rough. The idea is not to be perfect, but to explore lettering and enjoy creating something everyday.

I plan to rewrite this #HashtagLettering header every month to gauge my progression. This is the first one and I know it is very rough, but it will get better and so will I.

If you want to follow along, you can do so here http://hashtaglettering.com/


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