Hamburger Icon color mocks

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  1. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier

    K since several people mentioned they'd like to see the shirt in yellow, I mocked it up...and it gets just as lost as the red version. Green stands out a little better, but on black stands out the most. Black of course is my most popular selling shirt color by FAR.

    7 months ago

  2. Galen Gidman Galen Gidman

    Yellow or black.

    7 months ago

  3. Joshua Hynes Joshua Hynes

    Ooooooooooooh. Green looks cool. Red is still my favorite. I have too many black / dark blue t-shirts.

    7 months ago

  4. Rigel St. Pierre Rigel St. Pierre

    Yellow or Black

    7 months ago

  5. Alesha Randolph Alesha Randolph

    Looks great on black!

    7 months ago

  6. Luke Hefson Luke Hefson

    I would be all over the black one dude


    6 months ago

  7. Joel Glovier Joel Glovier

    Thanks for all the feedback peeps. This one is going to print Soon™.

    6 months ago

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