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  1. Stratos Iordanidis Stratos Iordanidis


    7 months ago

  2. Justin Lancaster Justin Lancaster

    Some thoughts:

    - Having the 'hours/last played' info where it is currently seems an odd choice to me. These would be better suited next to the game title on the left side.
    - I feel weird about the placement of the 'Play' button because it's not lined up with the 'Links/Category' column. I'd explore an alternate placement for it.
    - I'm tempted to recommend moving up the 'Links/Category' column so that the baseline of 'Links' matches with 'Friends'. Of course, you run into proximity issues with the 'Play' button in it's current position if you do that.
    - The 'Play' button should be a different color in order to differentiate it from the other UI elements. Right now it sorta blends in and isn't noticeable right away. Think of it like a 'Buy' button or other want those elements to stick out the most. In this case, an orange or green might work. The word 'Play' should also be bigger for the same reason.
    - Not sure what the left-facing arrow in the right panel is for. Does that make it slide outward? If so, why? I can see all the information in that panel just fine the way it is.
    - It appears that the game titles in the 'Favourite' list are center-aligned based on the titles in the list, or at least more center than left or right. I would recommend Left-aligning the icon for each game to line-up with 'Favourite' or with the menu icons.

    These are just a few quick thoughts. While we don't know what the objectives or brief were going in to designing the steam app as it exists today, this is a pretty decent independent solution. With a few tweaks it could be really solid. Good stuff...


    7 months ago

  3. Shalva Bukia Shalva Bukia


    7 months ago

  4. Sergey Vlastjuk Sergey Vlastjuk


    6 months ago

  5. Jahit Janberk Jahit Janberk

    This looks really well, you should apply as an Interaction Designer on their job/careers section - its currently open!!

    4 months ago

  6. Harbr Harbr

    Love this so much. Steams current design is very bland.


    3 months ago

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