Salt Lake City Flag Design

The primary symbolism of my flag pays homage to the four indigenous tribes who originally occupied the valley we now call home. They are represented by the four amber stripes respectively as the Shoshone, Paiute, Goshute, and Ute tribes. Representing and respecting the indigenous land that we now call home is incredibly important to me. Sitting within a central honeycomb are three blue stripes that symbolize the majestic mountains that envelope our city. The very same mountain ranges that supply us with resources, fresh water, adventure as well as a sense of awe and wonder. The honeycomb represents our city’s history and future as the capital of the beehive state. In the past, it represented the “cooperative work that would be required to make the desert bloom.” For me presently, the honeycomb represents so much more: cooperation, hard work, community, nature, industry, harmony, as well as the sweet results of our endeavors. This flag will represent a continued strive to make Salt Lake City an accepting oasis for everyone. This flag will represent the dedicated fight and continued preservation of the environment we hold so dear. Finally, this flag will hold the pride that I have for my city, my community, and our collective history.

McKay Mattingly
Product Design & Branding
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