playing around with some ideas for a photoblog rebuild


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  1. Paul Stamatiou Paul Stamatiou

    This is the footer. The links may not be necessary as I'm tinkering with a collapsable (to give more attn to the photos) nav module that follows you around. Also thinking about making this a bar of it's own


    7 months ago

  2. Josh Puckett Josh Puckett

    This looks awesome! The only feedback I'd give is that I can't really tell what the gear icon represents.

    7 months ago

  3. Paul Stamatiou Paul Stamatiou

    thanks! "gear" is just my camera gear/equipment. folks always asking what I use. this would be exclusively for my photoblog so i think the context works out?

    7 months ago

  4. Becca Shayne Becca Shayne

    have you thought about something like this for the gear section?

    7 months ago

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